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Learn About a Reputable Fiber Optic Network Company

Count on our team at Bluegrass Network to address your commercial networking needs. We have the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to deliver solutions that meet your unique demands and expectations.

Company History

In 1995, five telephone companies formed Bluegrass Network to build a fiber-optic network ring that could interconnect the owning partners. These local businesses are:

  • Brandenburg Telephone

  • Duo Broadband

  • LTC Connect

  • North Central Communications

  • South Central Rural Telecommunications Cooperative


Meaningful Connections

Through the years, our network has grown to include more than 400 miles of fiber optic cable in place. This enables us to serve a wide variety of clients, including the following:

  • Banks

  • Cellular Companies

  • Factories

  • Government Offices

  • Medical Facilities

  • Telephone Companies


A Personal Touch

We believe in creating strong professional relationships with our clients. That way, when you have inquiries about billing, contracts, or technical matters, you can easily call or email our team members who you actually know. This allows you to get the answers you need quickly.

Making the Right Investments

Our company strives to deliver excellent solutions consistently. To achieve that, we continuously invest not only in our network but also in our employees.

The Bluegrass Network Executive Team

Network Operations

Doug Updegraff2

Doug Updegraff – President and General Manager

Bryan Bell

Bryan Bell – Vice President of Business Operations